Themes 3 and 4 - Product development and tools / Content and use


Maheva Bagard Laursen and Laura Anne Russell, GBIF Secretariat


To share updates from nodes and the Secretariat on topics that were requested in the consultation with nodes, and enable nodes to ask questions for further discussion.

Please view the presentations ahead of the live panel discussion and use the GBIF community forum to ask questions.


Product development and tools

GBIF Hosted portals - update

Presentation by Morten Høfft, Developer, GBIF Secretariat

Future of the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT)

Presentation by Mikhail Podolskiy, Developer, GBIF Secretariat

GBIF exports available on the cloud

Presentation by Matthew Blissett and Tim Robertson, Informatics, GBIF Secretariat

Content and use

GBIF Backbone & Catalogue of Life

Presentation by Markus Döring

Introduction to GRSciColl: registry of Scientific collections

Presentation by Marie Grosjean, Data administrator, GBIF Secretariat

Working with issues and flags, including highlighting data blog

Presentation by Andrea Hahn, Head of Data Products, GBIF Secretariat

Sensitive Species Data

Presentation by Andrew Rodrigues, Programme Officer, GBIF Secretariat

Analyzing GBIF data use

Presentation by Niels Raes NLBIF Node Manager, Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Live Q&A

Product development and tools

Facilitator: Maheva Bagard Laursen, GBIF Secretariat

Content and use

Facilitator: Laura Anne Russell, GBIF Secretariat