Strengthening support services for collections communities


Nodes have been actively contributing to updating and enriching the content of the Global Registry of Scientific Collections (GRSciColl), supported by videos and training activities. For institutions with collections that are not yet publishing data, updating their records in GRSciColl can be a simple first step towards engaging them as data publishers in the future. This work helps to raise the visibility of collections, including those that have not yet been digitized. (See Nodes Strategy #5 for more detail.)

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to perform the following:

  • Describe and prioritize stakeholders in the collections community.

  • Describe techniques to engage with the community.

  • Describe benefits to publishers.

  • Describe techniques for identifying stakeholders in data mobilization.

  • Identify and prioritize sources of biodiversity data.

  • Design a data mobilization strategy

  • Design a strategy on how your node can better engage with the collections community and increase the amount of data published to GBIF.


The following trainers have developed the content for this topic:

David Jennings, Node Manager, iDigBio

Niels Raes, Node Manager, Netherlands

Secretariat consultants: Andrea Hahn, Head of Data Products, and Marie Grosjean, Data Administrator

collections community team


Complete the following activities to prepare for the onsite sessions:

Create a GitHub account if you do not already have one (follow directions for part 1 and choose free account).

Review GBIF Audiences and Audience Segmentation from the Communications Strategy.

Watch a video from Lily Shrestha, Asia Regional Support, on using a GRSciColl workflow to facilitate Data Mobilization (Vimeo - 9:55 min)

Module 1

Stakeholder landscape

This presentation an introduction to identifying and prioritizing stakeholders.



Indentifying stakeholders

For this activity, you will identify key community stakeholders and audience.



During this section you will contribute to a discussion on the outcomes of the stakeholder mapping exercise.



Community engagement

This presentation outlines techniques to engage with the collections community



Module 2

Developing a data mobilization strategy

This presentation provides an introduction to developing a data mobilization campaign within your collections community.



Design a data mobilization campaign

For this activity, you will design a data mobilization campaign.



Action plan

Use this action plan to develop your strategy on how your node can better engage with the collections community and increase the amount of data published to GBIF.