Promoting open biodiversity data approaches within the business sector


In recent years, several nodes have scaled up engagement with the private sector resulting in increased data mobilization, partnerships, and communication materials to support further engagement (see the resources developed and available for reuse through the CESP OpenPSD project and the GBIF business sector page). (See Nodes Strategy #3 for more detail.)

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to perform the following:

  • Describe the business sector commitments to biodiversity.

  • Describe successful examples of engagement, training and data mobilization for the business sector.

  • Identify business sector organizations with biodiversity data.

  • Develop a strategy to engage the business sector in the data mobilization process.


The following trainers have developed the content for this topic:

Anne-Sophie Archambeau, Node Manager, France

Ricardo Ortiz, Node Manager, Colombia

Secretariat consultant: Andrew Rodrigues, Data Partnerships Officer

business sector team


Complete the following activities to prepare for the onsite sessions:

Read about GBIF and Business (webpage)

Watch video on Open Private Sector Data (PSD) (Vimeo - 4:43 min)

Read about Data4Nature* (webpage and associated Vimeo - 1:17 min)

Read about the Equator Principles (webpage)

Module 1

GBIF and the business sector

This presentation provides an introduction to the business sector, some key sustainabiltiy frameworks that are shaping the work of this sector and initiatives that GBIF is taking with this sector.


Business sector - France

This presentation focuses on experiences with engaging the business sector in France.



Business sector - Colombia

This presentation focuses on experiences with engaging the business sector in Colombia.



Nodes experience

During this section you will complete a poll and contribute to a discussion on Nodes experiences in the business sector.



Module 2

Engaging stakeholders

For this activity, you will be placed in one of three groups and with other group members will compile business sector needs and compare them with benefits and services offered by nodes.



Key aspects for engaging the business sector

This presentation focuses key aspects to allow your Node to begin to or better engage with the business sector in your country.



Action plan

Use this action plan to develop your mobilization strategy for engaging the business sector in your country. Share with your Node buddies for feedback.